Gucci Pour Homme II: Fragrance Review

That flacon! And that lavender/indigo juice!

That flacon! And that lavender/indigo juice!

Every perfume lover will go through at least once of this sort of thing happening. I read a couple of heavenly reviews on a designer fragrance, the very hyped Gucci Pour Homme II, which has a rating of 4.4 on Fragantica (which is a really excellent score). I thought, wow, this is the shit! I gotta have it! It was not selling in the local market, so I was not able to test it. But what the heck, if it’s this good I can’t do no wrong! So I Googled it and found it selling on I hit the purchase button.

When the package arrived, I trembled with anticipation. Was it going to blow me away? Was I going to find the ultimate black tea & cinnamon fragrance, oozing elegance? I was going to find out soon. I ripped open the package. Wow, fantastic flacon. A big, heavy block of glass, perfectly angular, screaming masculinity… I looked forward to the juice that would send me to olfactory heaven…

I spritzed. Yes, I’m going straight to heaven… right?

All I got was a ozonic opening, and a vague violet leaf note that was a bit astringent and bitter. And a vague spicy smell that transformed into… chilli pepper? The top notes had just evaporated! Instantly, with a flash! As I pondered the significance of this universe shaking event, seconds turned to minutes, and after 20 minutes, the scent had evolved into turned into pencil shavings… a synthetic woodsiness.


There are only 4 possibilities:

1) I got a fake bottle.
2) I got a bad bottle.
3) Reformulation/batch issues
4) Its over-hyped.

Whichever the case may be, this was an important lesson every perfume lover needs to go through: Never, never ever blind-buy a perfume no matter how good the reviews are, because what is one man (or woman’s) gold is poison to another.

Try before you buy.

Disclaimer: I do not particularly enjoy tea fragrances as I do not find that there is remotely anything about most designer fragrances that actually manage to invoke the fragrance and taste of tea…