Do I Have too Many Perfumes?

At some point in your perfume journey, you’re going to wonder to yourself: How many perfumes is too many? Am I addicted to perfume? Kevin at Now Smell This has done perfumistas a great service by doing a simple projection. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that if you have a collection going into the hundreds, your collection will in all likelihood outlive you (and perhaps your children as well!).

No, not too many perfumes at all.

My collection: no, this is child’s play compared to some of the other monster collections I’ve seen!

The line between a fragrant hobby and an outright addiction may sometimes be a very thin one. Can you be addicted to perfume? The simple answer is, yes, of course. Anything done to excess and at the detriment of other areas of your life becomes an addiction. If you’re racking up credit card debt to fund your monthly purchase, or ignoring certain aspects of your life at the expense of this hobby, you may find some of the tips below useful.

Personally, this works for me in keeping my collection manageable. (Is your spouse addicted to perfume?)

1. Decide beforehand how many full-bottles you are comfortable with keeping. For example, if you decide that your limit is 30, when you start approaching this number, you need to cull perfumes to maintain the number. Sell perfumes you no longer wear or like. Why keep things that don’t provide any happiness to you?

2. If I decide that I want to maintain a small amount of a perfume just for reference, I decant it and sell or give away the full bottles.

3. Purchase testers if they are available. Don’t spend unnecessary money on packaging.

4. Decide how much money you are willing to spend on perfumes. Once you have maxed out on your budget, hold off the purchase. You may find that your need to own that perfume will disappear just as suddenly as the need to acquire it appeared.

5. Meditate on your purchase decision. Procastinate. Don’t rush to buy full bottles. Splits, decants and samples are preferable to buying full bottles. Join perfume groups – we love to share and split our perfumes.

Readers, have you ever thought if you were addicted to perfume? What strategies do you use to manage your perfume collection? Or do you simply give in to buying? I’d love to hear your comments below!