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Voyage de Parfum, which means “voyage of perfume” in the French language,  is an invitation to all fragrance lovers everywhere. This blog aims to transmit the writer’s passion for perfumery and show more people the beauty of perfumery as an art. This blog will offer a mix of reviews of perfume classics as well as new releases, as well as more general posts about perfume. Some will be down to earth and practical, other posts will be more pensive and philosophical – but all of them will be fragrant.

About the Writer

The Writer of the Blog

Alvin is 30, Asian, and male. He was born in the tropical city-state of Singapore, where the climate makes it difficult for the enjoyment of all but the lightest citrus-based fragrances (although the air-conditioning helps to solve this). His fragrant journey began in his late 20s, but he is making up for lost time by smelling everything and everything. His favourite genre of perfume is the oriental – think sandalwood, damask rose, amber, resins, incense, tobacco, smoke, dried fruits and spices, vanilla and so on. His belief is that the best perfumery is genderless and invites everyone, regardless of gender, to join him on his Voyage de Parfum.

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